Businesses the partner for companies has been a valued partner of companies since its foundation more than 12 years ago. This is not surprising in view of our range, in which we provide tailor-made solutions. Entrepreneurs know where to find us for the following tasty services:

  • Delivery of wine for receptions and company parties
  • Delivery of wine packages at home to jubilees, birthdays and relations
  • Delivery of wine as a thank you
  • End of year gifts
  • Giveaways
  • Customization such as own label wine, wine & chocolate gifts, etc.

We take care of the handling in a way that suits the business community. For example, payment is made afterwards. This is easy to indicate when ordering in the webshop .
wine for businesses
Order with personal contact

Promotional gifts can never be made generally. Delivering customization is essential and that is precisely where excels. Ordering in our webshop is of course fine, but a caller is faster via 0182-761233 , or send us an email to In this way we can best meet your specific wishes. We take all the work off your hands. Provide us with an address, text you want to send on a card and what you want to order. We then ensure a timely and neat delivery. Sending a personal card or letter with your logo is no problem. We are happy to take care of it.

Tons of options for wine gifts
Do you sometimes get a headache from keeping track of all the birthdays in your company? Send us an Excel list containing all data and we will take care of it for you from now on. Want to send someone a quick thank you? It is arranged quickly. Call via 0182-761233 and we will deliver the thank you the next day. Because is part of AV Webwinkels, we can combine a wine gift with chocolate in collaboration with our sister shop There are also possibilities with bonbons with your logo in attractive packaging. Ask for the possibilities!

Large orders, competitive prices
If you have a large order, ask us for a quote. We will make you a competitive offer. was founded in 2004 and in all those years we have been able to supply companies from small to large with beautiful wine packages, wine gifts and giveaways. We are flexible, love beautiful products, quality is paramount and we ensure that your employee or business partner is genuinely happy with your gift. Contact us without obligation to discuss the possibilities.