2018 Yarden Heigts Wine Frozen Gewurztraminer

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A special wine, made from Gewurztraminer grapes, matured for a very long time until frost sets in. Then frozen pressed. Ice wine is a special phenomenon. The very long ripening, until the grape even dries up, and the frost ensure great concentration and fullness of flavor. Usually ice wine is very expensive. The top ice wines from Germany, for example, are often only available in very small quantities for loyal major customers. But Yarden has a nice wine for less than 20 euros.

After picking. Followed by a fermentation period of months. This makes it very concentrated. This beautiful dessert wine from the Gewürztraminer grape has a special taste of ripe apple, pear and wild flowers. The wine has a rich sweet complex taste and a long aftertaste.

375 ml bottle (half size)

Alcohol: 12%




Kosher Lamehadrin, Kosher for Passover supervised by Rabbi Avraham D. Oyerbach Tiberias. The wine is not mevushal.


Golan Heights Winery


Victor Schoenfeld

Grape varieties


Soil / Climate

High location and therefore a cool climate with snowfall in winter


Pressing frozen grapes followed by a long fermentation

Retention time

10 years

Wine & food

Particularly delicious to drink as a dessert. Also an excellent accompaniment to sweet (dessert) dishes and foie gras.


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