Wine gift Israel Teperberg Groot

Wine gift Israel Teperberg Groot

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A wine gift with three Israeli wines from Teperberg winery packed in a luxurious wooden box with a sliding lid. Israel is increasingly gaining international recognition for their wines. These wines are kosher. The package contains a Sangiovese, Merlot and Syrah wine.

Teperberg Impression Sangiovese
The Teperberg Sangiovese is an elegant, sultry and stylish wine characterized by fresh acidity and spiciness. The wine has scents of plums, cherries, subtle flowers and some spiciness. The wine is firm and rich, but also smooth and accessible.

Teperberg Impression Merlot

A ruby-colored red wine, with a surprising full scent of young fruit such as cherry, plum, and a hint of coffee. In the taste we have black fruit, strawberry and cherry. Rich and balanced with a soft finish. This wine has matured for 6 months in French oak, which makes it very pleasant and provides a light vanilla note.

Teperberg Impression Syrah

A sturdy syrah with a beautiful deep red color. A ripe syrah with soft tannins and a soft, long aftertaste. Spicy with a nice pepper.

About Teperberg

Teperberg was established in Jerusalem in 1870, making it Israel's oldest vineyard and the fourth largest! Every year the vineyard produces more than 9 million bottles of wine for wine lovers around the world. Teperberg is now a vineyard near Tzora at the foot of the Judean Hills and originally bears the name Efrat. In the New Testament of the Bible, Ephrath is mentioned as the shepherd's fields of Bethlehem where the shepherds were informed by the angels about the birth of King Jesus.

Motti Teperberg, son of Avraham's great grandson, took charge of management and further honed the art of viticulture. He created a personal touch and improved the winery's fermentation process. The winery corresponds to the vision that always guided the Teperberg family – preserving the ancient winemaking tradition, while continuously improving it. Five generations have been passed from father to son, respecting a family tradition.