Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port 2017 in gift box

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This type of port developed by Taylor's does reflect the characteristics of a harvest year, but has no sediment in the bottle and is also faster to drink than a vintage. In addition, the LBV has undergone four to six years of barrel aging - hence Late Bottled - instead of the usual 24 months as is usual with the 'regular' vintage. LBV is therefore immediately drinkable from the moment it is bottled.

Although frequently copied by other port houses, Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage ranks among the best in this category. A fantastic Port to get acquainted with Taylor's Fladgate & Yeatman.

Taste: LBV is a vibrant deep red in color and has a refined spiciness in its perfume with roasted notes and the scent of figs, plums, blackcurrant and cocoa. 
The taste of the wine is firm and sweet, but with a tight start that turns into a well-concentrated fruit. The aftertaste is long lasting warm and full, also spicy with licorice and toast tones.

This is a perfect glass by the fireplace, after meals or with almonds, walnuts, chocolate desserts or beautiful rich cheeses. The Late Bottled is already drinkable upon bottling, but can easily remain in the bottle for about ten years without losing its refined characteristics. The best serving temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.

Alcohol: 20%

Contents: 75 Cl

Origin: Portugal, Douro