Summer wine

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We have been enjoying good weather for a long time. It is now getting so dry everywhere that we have to be careful with water. Fortunately, there is always wine. And what could be better than sitting in the garden with a cold glass of wine.

But which wine is preferable?

That is of course different for each person, but here are a few tips:

  • Do you like dry white wine. Then choose the Sancerre or Pouilly-Fumee from the Loire region. And then a delicious piece of goat cheese, then the party is complete.
  • But if you prefer something fruitier, then the Temjanika from Stobi from Macedonia is a great wine. Fresh and full of fruit, with a little sweetness in the aftertaste. The exotic scent of the wine alone makes it a summer party.
  • Finally, a Champagne or a good alternative such as the Kaapse Vonkel (South Africa) or a tastyprosecco (Italy), is a delicious summer drink. The bubbles are refreshing and nice to drink cold. I myself am very enthusiastic about the Kaapse Vonkel. A great sparkling wine, made in the traditional way like Champagne, but for a nice price.

I wish you a nice summer!

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